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These courses are aimed at both the people who discover the Tarot and who wish to start with the good technical and intuitive bases but also the tarologues needing to consolidate their knowledge. Learning, progressive and adapted to the dynamics of the group, is very focused on the practice of Tarot and on the development of intuition.

To enhance a good cohesiveness of the group and to receive the best teaching,

the number of seats is limited.



  • Understand and assimilate the tool

  • The Cut draw

  • Learn to answer questions simple, emotional, professional... for oneself and for others

  • Understanding the energy of intuition

  • Analyzing and understanding your dreams

  • Develop listening, feeling, intuition

  • The basics of numerology 

  • The cross draw




Courses take place one Saturday a month
from 10 a.m to 4 p.m 
(in french only)

Course Price: € 135

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