Bruno de Nys has been practicing mediumship and clairvoyance for over 30 years. His specialties are especially direct clairvoyance, Tarot, hand lines, photo clairvoyance.


He is the author of unpublished works on the Tarot. Before transmitting his method, he taught for years in France and abroad and animated hundreds of lectures and workshops of initiation to Tarot.

Today, Bruno de Nys shares his activities between writing new books, consulting and teaching.



TAROT- the complete method 9th reprint


“If you wish to learn, understand and practise Tarot, at long last, here is a complete and indispensable work, specialising in the extraordinary possibilities of this instrument. The author here puts the accent on the divinatory riches of the tool. What is Tarot? How do you practise a draw? What are the different techniques of interpretation? How do you respond to a question of emotion, profession, finance, health….? How to embark on the voyance and the medium?


For the first time in the history of Tarot, a contemporary introduction, transmitted clearly and with the greatest pedagogy, unedited techniques and draws.


This long awaited complete method is aimed at both beginners and confirmed tarologists. Thanks to examples, exercises and their corrections, it allows for a progressive and long lasting learning of the rules of the art, thus enabling a greater respect of the reading.


This complete, unique and spiritual work, all in colour, is a reference in the Universe of the Tarot.”


Paperbook 484 pages - Size 16x24 



Bruno de Nys 5th reprint


22 major arcanas and 56 minors created in the rules of Art. This 5th edition is printed in exceptional quality.

The complet Grand Tarot brings new life to this age old visual alphabet ; its graphic design is in line with our times

The indispensable tool to practice divination. A high-color Tarot, a presence and images that stimulate and quickly trigger intuition.

Included: an explanatory booklet and new drawing techniques. A complete, symbolic and initiatory tool of 78 cards.

Professional quality game, waxed, varnished, suitable for intensive use.


5e éd. - 80  Cards + booklet - Cardboard box 67x120  


THE TAROT - Exercices and corrected


Here is a book that brings together exercises and their corrected to work the Tarot.

Its originality is to offer several levels of training; So whether you are tarologue beginner or at a more advanced stage, everyone will find the material to go further in knowledge and interpretation. The precision of the demonstrations will illuminate your understanding of the tool to allow you, then, a greater success in your personal prints.

In line with all his bestselling works and in particular "the Tarot method", the author proposes a new book specially designed for training,

That assures you to fully develop your intuition.

Creator of several techniques with Tarot, Bruno de Nys, Medium and Tarologue renowned, is also a teacher very appreciated for his talent and his pedagogy. These works are most advanced in terms of initiation to the divinatory and psychological art of the Tarot. They have revolutionized how to practice this matter.

150 pages, color - Size 16x24. Non available in english



THE TAROT- Practices of divination - 3rd reprint


This book is intended for all people who wish to discover and practice divination. It offers the complete basics of learning and a variety of print techniques that are clearly explained.
It allows everyone to easily understand the Tarot and its amazing possibilities, to develop intuition and to achieve concrete results.
Quickly, you will be able to answer your questions, enlighten your future and that of your loved ones.

You will discover inside a new divinatory glossary that will guide you when you analyze all your professional, financial or emotional prints.

The author, known for his talent and the quality of his writings, teaches Tarot and practice

Divination for over 30 years. It transmits, here, a proven know-how.

Here is a generous book, all in color, illustrated, with drawings and demonstrations that will delight beginners as the initiates.

256 pages, color, high quality paper, size16x24.
150 pages, color, size16x24.



The Tarot messages

Vol.1 - Love and sensuality

You are single, you are a couple, you want a child, you live conflicts or a breakup, you just make a meeting... more than 5000 replies are gathered in this book for enlighting your emotional future.

Whatever your sentimental situation, you will immediately find an answer. It becomes easy to anticipate your future and to better manage your daily life. You just have to choose 2 Tarot cards to get the answer...

This book also makes it possible to really answer the questions of your family and your loved ones.

This book is unique, it is a veritable wealth of information and advice.

1248 pages, size16x24.


Werner Giessing is an experienced and highly respected dowser for his work overseas.
He has mastered the art of transmitting his knowledge with heart and intelligence.

Discover with his book The Real method for a pragmatic use of the pendulum.


The true use of the pendulum - 5th reprint

This book is a complete manual on the use of the pendulum. You will discover the techniques and rituals of the practice of this search tool.

Already a fourth edition for this brilliantly crafted basic work, allowing to learn the art of the pendulum successfully. Practical, very clearly explained, here is a book rewarding, joyful and positive. The technical aspect is facilitated by the many illustrations.

The practice is immediate by the exercises and the boards included. Experienced users will also be inspired by the experiences shared by this highly respected and experienced dowser for his work overseas.

Werner Giessing mastered the art of transmitting his knowledge with heart and intelligence.

80 pages, all in color, high quality paper, 16x24 format.

Flavio Gikovate is a psychiatrist, trained at the University of Sao Paulo. He has written 23 books on psychological conflicts related to daily life and already sold more than 600 000 copies, dealing with the psychological conflicts of everyday life.Collaborator of the magazine  "Claudia " and of  "La Fohla de Sao Paulo", he currently writes for the magazine  "Marie-Claire ".He participates in numerous conferences throughout Brazil and continues to exercise intensively his activity as a psychotherapist.


The keys to live better and happier

How to address uncertainty and doubt in love, relationships with others, in the face of the demands of our societies and our own expectations? How do we get rid of the principles and education received in our childhood, influences from our environment?

How do we take our frustrations, our fears, our desires? Is it a healthy attitude to live according to your own rules?

This book, very accessible, offers help in answering all these questions, it stimulates thought and suggests directions to live better and know how to enjoy joy and happiness; Being happy is a natural result of emotional, personal and professional attitudes and behaviours.

60 "Keys" presented in the form of small chapters playful, concise and often humorous, dealing every time with a daily situation that concerns us all!

A book to slip in his pocket and to consult in any situation!

136 pages, book illustrated in color, size13x19.